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Cold and Flu Kit Holiday Survival Kit Naturopathic Medicine Cabinet
$97 $147 $197
Have your Naturopathic Cold and Flu kit on hand to help with both prevention and treatment!

This kit contains products that our patients have found the most useful. It includes immune boosting supplements, a homeopathic cold syrup, a cough remedy, supportive tea, and virus fighting lozenges.

This comprehensive package contains all the physical and emotional support you need for the stresses of travel and holidays.

It includes immune, adrenal (stress), sleep, detoxification (liver), and digestive support to aid with digestion of a atypical/holiday diet, gas, and bloating

This Naturopathic ‘Medicine Cabinet’ is starter kit that contains basic remedies, salves, creams and more to help with joint pain, skin irritations, headaches, heartburn and digestive complaints, protect your from the sun, whiten your teeth, clear your sinuses, and help you sleep.

Instructions and suggestions will be included as well as a handout for how to do a castor oil pack.Note that this price does not include tax and shipping but has been discounted to more than cover it. Combine this with the Cold and Flu package and you’ll have a very well stocked medicine cabinet. ​


  • Immune Supportive Supplement. Tablets.
  • A homeopathic preparation made to shorten duration and reduces severity of symptoms associated with the common cold and throat /nasal/ bronchial irritations, congestion‚ hoarseness‚ cough‚ sore throat‚ headache. Liquid.
  • Herbal preparation for reducing cough.
  • Zinc and Elderberry Lozenges
  • Essential Oil, Eucalyptus based
  • Vitamin C

  • Digestive enzymes to prevent digestive upset due to rich, new, and/or different foods. Chewable.
  • Digestive support – helps relieve, indigestion, gas and bloating.,Capsules.
  • Immune Supportive Supplement.,Capsules.
  • Stress & Energy Support – B Complex Vitamins. Capsules
  • Sleep – Melatonin to help with sleep and jet-lag.

  • Arnica Homeopathic for injuries and traumas
  • Arnica topical for joint injuries and bruising
  • Burn ointment, calendula based
  • Castor Oil and flannel for Castor Oil Packs – instructions given by downloadHerbal heartburn relief – chewable
  • Homeopathic cold remedy – 99.95% alcohol free syrup
  • Indigestion, Gas, & Bloating supplement – capsules
  • Magnesium supplement – for sleep and constipation relief
  • Mouthwash with Xylitol, Wintergreen
  • Neti Pot with solution packets and a free nasal spray sample
  • Probiotic Toothpaste, Spearmint flavor
  • Salve for most minor skin irritations
  • Sun Shield, mineral based – UVA/UVB SPF 28, unscented broad spectrum
Bonus Items:

  • A free 15 minute consult to review how to use these products.
  • A handout with useful naturopathic tips for fighting and treating colds & flu including an immune soup, tea, and how to use your essential oil for steams and baths.
Bonus Items:

  • A free 15 minute consult to review how to use these products.
  • A handout with other useful naturopathic tips for eating well on the road and quick tips for managing stress.
Bonus Items:

  • A free 15 minute consult to review how to use these products
  • Instructions for how and when to use castor oil packs and neti pots.

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