Order physician grade supplements using our online dispensary, through HealthWave. Click here to buy products from HealthWave. Note that you must receive an invitation in order to purchase products from HealthWave.

Natural Partners

You must receive an invitation from Natural Partners in order to purchase products from them. If interested please contact Dr. Dunn. For current patients using Natural Partners click here to purchase products.

Thorne Research

Access Patient Express here

Order Thorne Research products directly from their Patient Express program using the Carolina Whole Health patient code:  HCP1023075

Directions for setting up a Patient Express Account:

  1. Go to the Thorne website at
  2. Click on “Login”
  3. Enter the 10-digit code:  HCP1023075
  4. Click on “Submit”
  5. Fill out the page “Create New Account:  Consumer”
  6. Check the “I agree” box and click “Create Account”

You can get more information on setting up an account here.

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